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Thread: new here and just got a big check in the mail

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    Re: new here and just got a big check in the mail

    When I received a check and the letter informing me that I was a winning looser at Powerball I was suspicious because I dont play it. Never have, so how could they pick me as a winning looser?

    They sent me a check drawn on MAZUMA credit union for 4,800.00.
    I contacted Mazuma to verify the validity of the check and was informed of a large number of calls on this same scam coming through.

    I am adding this check to the scams file I have. This file contains checks totaling in excess of $80.000.00 that I have received in less than 1 year.
    Az,United States

    the letter stated I was a third category winner of a lottery draw on April 19,2006-was tagged compensation draw for all one time participants of national/state lottery/ sweepstakes in the last 5 years-stated i was entitled to a lump sum of 250,000 USD-a check was enclosed with Circuit City at the top for the amount of 3800 dollars 2800 of which was to be used as a clearance fee under which Canada issues to its non-resident reecivier.
    A tax agent was listed as Maria Catoe-3429 Johnson st Calgary,AB Canada-payment was to be sent by Western Union or money gram
    A claims agent-Jessica Bellamy-was to be called- called her and she assured me this was for real-I asked what i had to pay and she said nothing-to deposit the check in my bank and call her the next day-I did and she told me to send the money gram and my mon ey would be at my house by the end of the week-Well it never came and when I tried to call the numnber back i never could get thru-now my savings account is overdrawn 3000 dollars!which i have to pay back to the bank!!!

    MI,United States

    Man are these guys good... I almost fell for it... Good thing I searched the internet about scams before doing this thing...
    The letter instructs me to call the area code 647 number (Goes to Toronto) and speak with a Ken Williams and to be sure to mention a code number to make sure I'm protected against any scams... LOLOL...
    The Check is quit convincing and is for the amount of $4625.75 and is drawn on Wescom Credit Union out of Pasadena, CA. I went to their website and they exist, but it is after hours to contact anyone there. Will call them tomorrow, as well as the USPS and the FBI. I'll bet they are successfully scamming thousands of people.
    CA,United States

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    Here is a couple a lot like your's ~ just so you know! Sorry!

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    Re: new here and just got a big check in the mail

    Sorry.... SCAM

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